New York, Towards The Record Of International Tourists


67 million international tourists. It is the expected figure for this year in New York. It is a record for the city. It will be 2 million more than in 2018, and the tenth consecutive year that the city breaks records with respect to the previous year.

This year, in particular, the economic environment was quite complicated for the new record. In particular, the commercial tension between the United States and China and the devaluation of the yuan is already affecting the arrival of tourists from the second country. It is not a minor fact: Chinese tourists are the number two nationality in visits to New York. Before you ask: the number one nationality is Britain. As this country is also going through complicated times, with the devaluation of the pound and Brexit underway, the outlook for 2020 is also complicated.

However, the growth in the number of Chinese tourists in the first half of the year will allow 2019 to close with better numbers than the previous year. Its number is expected to grow by 50 thousand visitors throughout the year. In a total of 1.16 million tourists from China.

The growth in the arrival of tourists from China, at least for this year, has offset the fall in the arrival of visitors from Latin America. I couldn’t find numbers, but in the New York Times noted, they make it clear which country has had the biggest fall. It was not very risky to hypothesize that this country is Argentina. The situation will only get worse in the coming weeks after the new devaluation of the Argentine peso, which will end up affecting further international outbound tourism from Argentina.

Then: 2019 manages to become the tenth consecutive year of growth in the number of international tourists in New York. But the commercial and exchange rate tensions that are taking place in the countries since most of its visitors arrive make 2020 quite complicated.