How To Choose Your Insurance For Long-term Trips


We have already said on more than one occasion that we are traveling with travel insurance, we have even talked about what, in our opinion, is the best international travel insurance. But what about long trips? Is it also worth taking out insurance for long trips? It is very expensive? Is there specific insurance for long-term trips that are in proportion cheaper than normal for short trips?

With the experience of our one-year trip through South America and the data that we have collected from new insurances that have appeared since we returned, we give you some tips and make a price comparison for long-term travel insurance. If you want to travel for a few months, even a year, this will be good for you. By the way, do not forget to read our advice to prepare your great trip.


If traveling with insurance is always worth it, for long trips, if possible, even more. When you have been traveling for a long time, it is easier for something to happen to you at some point. And also that you take the freedom to take some more risk. We are not very “pupae” or prone to take risks. We are not very adventurous, come on. But in the year of traveling through South America, we ended up in the hospital or calling the doctor four times, in addition to being robbed once.

On the subject of robberies – that you don’t steal, we explain in our article on the best international travel insurance – it is good to have travel insurance. But for medical problems it is essential. Consider that spending a single day in the hospital in Argentina costs more than € 600, not to mention places like Australia where it costs about € 1,200 or the United States, where they are almost € 4,000! Come on, that having to go to the hospital can mean the end of the trip just for economic reasons, even if you get well in a few days.

Of course, the total cost of insurance is relatively high, which can make you doubt a bit. It always “bothers” to pay for something you don’t know if you’re going to use it and hope you don’t have to. But what if it happens? In addition, there are more and more relatively – yes, always relatively – economic options.


When we went on a trip to South America for a year, in 2013-14, there was almost no specific insurance for long trips. In fact, most could not be hired for periods longer than three months. Which is still happening for many standard travel insurances. After all, it is not common to travel for so long, which is not usually taken into account. But taking a sabbatical or accumulating vacations and / or taking a leave to travel for a few months seems increasingly common. Why do I say so? Because, since then most insurance companies have created specific travel insurance for long-term trips.

These insurances are, in proportion, cheaper – each day is cheaper – and, in many cases, they also take into account specific needs for travelers who are traveling for months. That is why it is much more convenient to hire them, in addition to that, as we have already said, most standard insurance cannot be contracted for more than 90 days / 3 months.


The first thing to look at in the characteristics of long-term travel insurance is, as in all, the medical expenses coverage. A minimum of € 100,000, especially if the trip includes destinations such as the United States or Japan, is recommended. We must also see what these medical expenses refer to: in some cases, the best ones are for each party that you open with the company, in others it is the total of all the medical illnesses and problems that you may have during the trip, which may Be enough on long trips.

Then there are the coverages that are usually optional – in some insurances, they are included, it must also be taken into account when comparing prices. Are you going to do adventure sports? Will you sail on a cruise? Do you want to include the cancellation? If you do not know because you do not know your itinerary, something normal for long trips, it is good to choose insurance that does not charge you extra and that includes most options.


The companion we do is for one-year trips, for choosing a duration – we could have done it for six months too, for example -, but we don’t talk about annual travel insurance. Annual insurance, cheaper, does not allow travel throughout the year. Only for limited periods – usually two to three months – for a year. They are not intended for long trips but for those who make many short trips during the year.