Hotels To Pamper Yourself In Your Travels


Many times we think that hotels are nothing more than those places to rest after touring a city. Sleep, shower, have breakfast and go back to go sightseeing. Almost an obligation more than a possibility to enjoy another facet of the trip. That does not mean that, over the years, we have encountered hotels that, in some cases, justified the trip themselves. We have to say that it took us a bit to select. There are many hotels that have surprised us and conquered overtime … So they are not all they are but they are all that is: here are our 12 hotels to pamper yourself.

What have we relied on for the selection? In something totally subjective: our taste. And, more specifically, details which have seemed to us a plus: the location, the history, the view … that have become an experience of that trip. Cleanliness, comfort and other characteristics of our ideal hotel are taken for granted


We have ordered the hotels by that “detail” that has given them a place in our list. So, forget about geographical planning – there are countries with more than one but they are separated – or the number of stars – in fact, most are boutique, without stars.

We start with the hotels in the center of the cities. The next block is formed by those located in historic buildings. And we end up with those found in special locations – outside the big cities.


Salvador de Bahia lives in the street. The party is part of the DNA of the city and is in its historic center, the Pelourinho, where every Tuesday night the joy is unleashed. Concerts, itinerant batucada, street stalls … So, where do you want to stay in Salvador de Bahía? Indeed, in the Pelourinho. And we say that we are not a very party, but that is special.

Is it because of the location in the center that La Casa does Amarelindo is a hotel to pamper yourself? Yes and no. No, because it is much more than a well-located site. We speak of an imposing colonial house, restored and decorated with elements of the city’s history – Candomblé orixas included. Spacious and very comfortable rooms, filtered water in the taps, welcome detail and a very attentive staff. We tested the staff because we need to call travel insurance for a throat infection that had Sara with a fever of 40. As if that were not enough, breakfast is one of those that make time. A delight from which it is difficult to separate as much as the city waits for you on the other side of the door. Surely you find even more reasons to treat yourself … Here you can see the prices and availability of La Casa do Amarelindo.


In the Lastarria neighborhood of Santiago, Chile, we find a building of the early twentieth century converted into a boutique hotel, Casa Bueras Boutique Hotel. Forget about impersonal hotels, where each room is different and not only for the decoration but also for the shape. We talk about a house and how does each room have its shape and size in your house?

Beyond the fantastic breakfast – yes, we are passionate about the first meal of the day – you can also regain strength in the afternoon with your delicious afternoon tea while enjoying the views of its interior garden and swimming pool. You will believe that you have teleported outside the Chilean capital because of the tranquility that is felt in its rooms. Not forgetting the detail of finding a personalized note in your room to welcome you upon arrival. If you are thinking of traveling to Santiago de Chile, check here the prices and availability of Casa Bueras Boutique Hotel and take care of yourself as you deserve.


We continue moving through the great cities of South America and arrive in Buenos Aires. There we enjoy the tranquility of CasaCalma Hotel, of course, being that his name! In the Retiro neighborhood, one of the most elegant in the Argentine capital, we find a haven of peace. From its vertical garden to pastel decoration, everything is designed to make you forget the stress of Buenos Aires.