Pokemon Go And Tourism Day


Today, by an agreement between the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, World Tourism Day will be celebrated in the game through a series of activities that will last several days. In particular, there will be new shiny pokemon; regional 5Km eggs can be obtained in areas of the world where they usually appear, and new tasks can be done in the pokeparadas. In addition, players can download UNWTO clothing for their avatars.

This action is the first one that is concrete after the announcements of November of last year on the agreement between Niantic and UNWTO, and that we had commented in another entry.

On the possibilities of linking trips and games based on geolocation, such as Pokemon Go, I wrote another entry in October 2018, which was advanced for a month to the agreement between Niantic and the World Tourism Organization.

The agreement is a very interesting possibility to explore other forms of tourism marketing and finally specify at least some of the possibilities of the so-called «Gamification». There was always enough talk about these issues, but the concretions were always rather scarce.

And although from the point of view of marketing it is an interesting move, from the point of view of Pokemon Go players it is a rather minor proposal for rewards. In particular, it is incomprehensible that regionals only appear in their original regions. Since it’s tourism day, couldn’t they send them to travel somewhere else in the world? While it is true that the game comes from several weeks with a lot of movement in reward – there was almost a month of an event called UltraBonus with shiny regionals and even Mewtwo Shiny in the raids – I think there was more place for the event to better exploit the relationship between travel and the universe of Pokemon Go . For the first initiative, however, the result is still interesting.